Although Twitter awareness has broken through almost everywhere in the business world, there’s still lots of people questioning its value.

Here’s some advice I find myself giving that frequently seems to be a surprise – don’t worry about broadcasting on Twitter – use it for search.  

Search for anything – companies I know are using it to track announcements in their industry, competitors, sales leads, interesting content and knowledge. They’re using it combination with other tools like Google alerts to stay in real-time touch with what’s going on.

Twitter’s natural interface is all about broadcasting, so it doesn’t appear to lend itself well to search.

But lots of other Twitter interfaces are set up to enable real-time search. I use Tweetdeck – which also integrates my Facebook and Linkedin feeds.

There are lots of others.

To search Twitter from the web, go to, which is awkward but is in the process of being integrated better into Twitter itself.