interim management

I often think of interim management as the rite of passage. It’s that precipice you reach in your career where you’ve held a number of VP Roles and the full-time jobs are just not coming in.

You look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why isn’t any one hiring me? I still have it! I’ve got a lot to offer!”

You face the reality that maybe you’re just too mature, yes, too old, for a lot of the hiring managers and talent acquisition teams of today. You start thinking about dying your hair, trying Botox, or going to the gym, the sort of things that scream mid-life crisis… And that’s okay! Because the successful interim managers are the ones that recalibrate and decide, “Hey! I think it’s time to reinvent myself!”

Reinvention is the key to every interim manager’s success.

It is that time where you look hard at your personal brand and decide how you want the market to see you. It is time to ask yourself, what services do you want to offer? It is the time to start understanding your audience beyond your fellow baby boomers and get a grip on how the Gen Y’s, X’s and new millennial will see you. Show others how 50+ can be hot and marketable …Image is key. Find the you that embraces the greys, the wrinkles and your powerful wisdom.

It’s time to stay current…

Ditch the antique devices and buy new ones, update your prescription eye ware frames, buy new and fashionable jackets and suits. Observe new fashion trends, hot authors, new publications, social media channels and jump in and get involved. Try a yoga class, get a trainer, go to a raw food restaurant, listen to your kid’s music and move yourself into the 21st century.

Hanging a shingle…

The whole hanging a shingle process for an interim manager is hugely exciting. Getting incorporated, lobbying for your company name, setting up a website, designing business cards – It’s exhilarating!

There’s nothing more gratifying than reigniting the network, and not just as a person with a resume for hire, but as a professional with a business and a wide range of services to offer!

If you’re not sales focused, the first few calls will be a little daunting, but look at it as simply getting back in touch. This way, it will feel like more of a personal and intimate experience and less intimidating.

New opportunities awaits!

In the end, the exploration and learning will lead you to new opportunities.

You’ll be surprised at how many former employees and employers will spark their networks and start calling you for new short-term interim management opportunities.

What you’re certain to see, as you present yourself to the market, is that interims are called to action for transformation, change and enhancements. They aren’t called to action to manage the same old status quo jobs. Market yourself and showoff your agility, adaptability and fearlessness around driving change.

If you’re not comfortable working in an environment with the ground moving beneath your feet, then maybe interim management isn’t for you, because successful interims have courage and a great track record of turning things around.

As you embark on your journey as a new interim manager, you will soon see that the first turn around project you’ll face is you!

If you are contemplating a new career in interim management, you may be interested in the unique approach that Boardroom Metrics has taken to prepare and promote its interim executives.

What challenges are you facing so far in getting established as an interim manager? Please let us know in the comment section below.