If you want be an interim manager, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A network. Nothing has changed. Who you know matters. More than anything.
  2. A story. What are you selling? How is it transferable? How can you help?
  3. Some tools. Silver bullets sell. They show knowledge, expertise and provide comfort that things could work out even if you don’t.
  4. (Positive)Web visibility. When your name comes up for the job, others on the management team and Board will want to check you out. You need to be there: LinkedIn for sure. Then Twitter, Blog, Youtube.
  5. References. Demonstrate you can start fast, be creative, get the job done. Post them on LinkedIn.
  6. Competitive pricing. Yeah, some interim managers are making a couple thousand a day. The other 98% aren’t. Be realistic.
  7. A contract. A promise that you will do the job, keep things confidential and what happens if you decide to part company.
  8. A sense of humor. There’s lots of need out there. Tapping it takes perseverance.

We can help. Boardroom Metrics provides a branded home, services and a network for finding and creating interim management, consulting and other work opportunities.