Three out of four private businesses will not sell when they are put on the market.

For the past six months, Boardroom Metrics been working with and completing due diligence around a unique private business tool called Chairman’s View.

Chairman’s View is a software and industry data-based approach for assessing a private company’s key value drivers, ranking them, quantifying their impact on the company’s value and implementing plans for improving the highest priority drivers.

Here are some key elements of the Chairman’s View approach:

  1. focus on value, not just profits: designed to so owners can create multiple, strong options for sustaining and transferring their businesses – currently, three of four private businesses DO NOT SELL when they are put on the market
  2. outputs: include RESEARCH BASED, quantitive ratings for 8 business drivers, 9 value drivers and almost 50 associated categories
  3. OWNERS DASHBOARD: enabling business owners to visualize company value, how key drivers are performing, and the impact on company value of making improvements in sub-performing drivers
  4. software-as-a-service: means Chairman’s View data is client accessible and includes industry data, evaluation criteria, templates, dashboards, action plans and progress monitoring tools
  5. three-phased approach – Phase 1 is the upfront driver and value assessment; Phase 2 is the improvement plan for the weakest value and business drivers; Phase 3 is transaction based – selling, merging, transferring or continuing to build value in the business, based on the owners goals

Giving owners great options for their businesses – and frankly seeing them succeed well financially, has always been a primary driver of Boardroom Metrics. Therefore, I’m truly excited about Chairman’s View.

For those owners truly interested in creating a valuable business – and not just working until they can’t any more – Chairman’s View will significantly enhance perspective on value and how to maximize it.

Any private business owner or those advising private business owners – like accountants, wealth advisors, insurance brokers, M&A specialists – will appreciate the basis Chairman’s View can provide for discussions on succession planning, business sales or transfer.

This link to Slideshare provides more detail on the Boardroom Metrics, Chairman’s View offering.