So! Next week you are giving a major presentation to your industry organization. You are an influential and rising star in the organization. Your presentation must stand out.

Take a look at the list below of common – and now outdated – presentation tactics. How many of them will you use?

1. Telling your audience to turn off their wireless devices during your presentations?

2. Creating greater engagement by telling your audience that their questions should wait until the end of your presentation?

3. Capturing your audience’s imagination by presenting background information at the beginning of your presentation?

4. Creating greater audience understanding by elaborating/explaining/expanding on your Powerpoint speaking notes/slides?

5. Moving around as you speak to keep your audiences interested?

6. Reading aloud the text from your PPT slides to your audiences because it better matches the learning styles of some audience members?

7. Highlighting the quality of questions by saying “that’s a good question”?

8. Taking tough questions ‘off-line’?

Is it time for a presentation make-over?