931543_-team_iii-High Tech CEO’s and sales executives must ensure their teams are adaptive, nimble and agile to survive in today’s Uncertain, Volatile, Ambiguous, Complex, (UVAC) world.  This business reality means technology companies need to learn how to deal with change and sales executives must achieve more with their sales organization.

Sales executives need to be constantly evaluating how their sales people are performing.  This evaluation can be either a qualitative or quantitative approach.  With a quantitative analysis, the sales leader can determine why their top performers are so successful and what the lost opportunity is by having passengers as part of the team.

How would a sales manager go about determining how effective their sales team is?  If the Sales executive wishes to use a qualitative evaluation, they can create a series of questions or points to guide them during the process or they can refer to our Sales Effectiveness Checklist.  The quantitative evaluation process starts with analyzing one or two key sales performance metrics and the associated data.  Using their sales performance data; the existing sales force is analyzed by separating the team into three groups:  Star, Solid and Passenger performers.


Is there any opportunity for the high tech sales executive to improve the team’s performance when the sales team is approximately 3% over quota and the average sales per salesperson was $1.03M.  As the sales executive quantitatively analyzes the sales performance, they can see the performance difference of the three groups.


Average Sales Results

Star Performers


Solid Performers


Passenger Performers


You can see from this chart, there is an opportunity to improve the group’s sales performance.  However, what are the next steps for the sales executive?  The sales manager can use our Sales Effectiveness Checklist or their own list or create a success profile describing the Star Performers (these people achieve the results that you’d like to have from all of your team).

The success profile identifies precisely what these ‘stars’ share in common.  We find that stars are always dramatically different from Solid and Passengers performers.  This approach identifies exactly what combination of mental abilities, personality and motivational interests make your Stars particularly successful in their roles.  With this success profile, you will know how to immediately begin to manage and coach each sales person towards the Star performer level. (when you download our Sales Effectiveness Checklist

An additional benefit is that every time you hire a salesperson in the future using the success profile, you hire ONLY people who share the same attributes as your proven Stars, resulting in getting maximum productive salespeople.

This approach may be more effective with some sales teams than with others, results depend upon specific sales environments.  If you are interested in a complementary analysis of your specific team’s sales performance and a precise quantification of your potential sales increase, please contact [email protected]

When you download our Sales Effectiveness Checklist, you will also receive a Sample Success Profile Analysis.