About a month after the Tiger story blew up I Googled Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated to find out how they had decided to handle the story of their Golden Goose (either in the magazines or on-line). At that time it was disappointing (I felt) to see that both had pretty much decided to treat it like the story didn’t exist – as far as I could find, neither magazine had published any coverage or point of view on the Tiger subject (disappointing because Tiger Woods blowing himself up is totally relevant to the worlds of both sports and golf and acting like it didn’t exist degraded the credibility of these magazines and furthers the stampede of readers and fans turn to the internet and other – ‘more reliable’ sources).

Now, it’s good to see that Golf Digest has come around (I haven’t checked SI but I’m sure it probably has by now too). The story is real. It’s being covered on-line, and in the magazine. A position has been taken – his instruction articles won’t be published, at least for the time being – and real, brutal letters to the editor have been published.

And this ‘analysis’ by Jaime Diaz published in the February issue seems like a good one. Without letting Tiger off the hook, it made me think – at least about what it would have been like to carry the entire golf world around for a bunch of years and the pressure that surely existed to do it perfectly. Intentional self-destruction seems entirely possible.

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