Been busy lately. It definitely cuts into blogging. Some random thoughts from my travels past week or two.

First, more people need to rethink their employment situations and seriously consider becoming contractors. Let’s face it – everyone is a hired gun now. The advantages of formally recognizing that you’re a hired gun through contractor status range from tax planning to peace of mind. A whacky employer can drive you crazy. A whacky client is a challenge.

Second, and a related thought that would fundamentally change the employment scene – more employee/hired gun/contractors should consider building self-termination clauses into their employment agreements – ie, if you’re going to be a whacky employer and you drive me away – ie, it’s my decision – you owe me severance. It’s unusual but not unique. Try it. Warning: you may not get the job.

Third, group facilitation is a seriously powerful business skill that every manager should have. The outcome possibilities, speed and team building benefits of group facilitation are huge.

Fourth, this baby-boomer aging thing is going to kill us. For years now we’ve all read about the explosion in retirements amongst doctors and nurses that is only just starting. Now I’m getting first hand exposure to it. It’s freaking scary. Picture out of control demand and no supply. Just when us old farts need care the most, there won’t be anyone to care for us. This isn’t any consolation but you have to wonder where all those retired docs will go when they need medical care?!

Which leads to thought number 5 – two tier health care. It’s alive and well in Canada. Just hidden in towers like BCE Place where ‘executive’ health clinics like this are thriving.

Finally, Tim Hortons. Although I did a previous rant here, I’m really a fan. That doesn’t stop goofy crap happening. Today I ordered my usual “large with milk; cinnamon raisin bagel, just the way it is (as in untoasted, unbuttered – a virgin bagel so-to-speak)”. That order works, everywhere, every time. Except today. Today’s order was translated to extra large with milk and some unknown species of bagel – toasted. Doh?? When I suggested the order was wrong I got a 4 day old cinnamon raisin hockey puck – and 7 cents off the price?! Whatever. Except I was really hungry and ate it anyways.

Stay tuned. This week I get more exposure to the healthcare system and travel the world. Literally.