A powerful proposition for marketers!

Each Saturday, at games across the country College Football Fans continually look to the video scoreboard to see player statistics, check scores, watch a replay, and view exciting features, vignettes, promotions … and commercial spots.

Introducing the Digital Video Scoreboard Network (DOOH)

These large formatted digital video scoreboards in college football stadiums can deliver creative, high powered and entertaining digital media to millions of fans.

Which sports does the Digital Video Scoreboard Network cover?

In addition to college football stadiums, the Digital Video Scoreboard Network covers all of Professional Sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA, NLL); NCAA/College Football and NCAA/College Basketball, NCAA/College Baseball, Minor League Sports/Baseball and Hockey (MiLB, AFL, AHL, ECHL, CHL);  NASCAR, Indy Car,  as well as Soccer, Lacrosse and Golf.

Why advertise in sports?

With access to over 250 million brand loyal fans and America’s passion for sports, it’s a must have advertising medium. Digital Video Scoreboards are located in nearly every stadium and arena in America and with a Captive Audience for 3+ hours, Live Sports Broadcast Content, and access to C-Level Executives. Sport Fan’s respond to advertisers and sports offer clear demographics as well as certified attendance figures.

What are the advantages of the Digital Video Scoreboard Network and sports marketing?

Stadium video board advertising has the power to deliver results quickly to a very loyal fan base.

In recent years, sports teams across the country have installed huge, state-of-the-art video scoreboards.

Fans continually look to the video scoreboard to see player statistics, check the score, watch a replay, and view exciting features, vignettes, upcoming events, promotions and commercial spots.

Today’s fans are acutely aware that sponsors contribute a great deal of time and resources to bringing and supporting sports in their local community and the fan reward sponsors by using the sponsors products and services.

That is called the ‘Brand Loyalty Index’ which rates consumer spending base on sponsorships in sports.

What if our company doesn’t have a commercial?

Not a problem, using the Digital Video Scoreboard Network allows companies to sponsors features as well as run commercials. Features such as sport scores, bloopers, kiss cam, replays, greatest plays etc.

These sponsorships will display your company logo while your brand receives recognition.






Digital Video Scoreboards can also produce animated features with built in fan interaction and mobile marketing elements such as hat flips, races, trivia, this moment in history and more.

Are other advertising options available in sports venues?

We can provide a complete sports package custom tailored to meet your company’s objectives, including but not limited to; data capture, social media, sampling, print advertising, venue signage, mobile marketing, on-field promotions, internet marketing, hospitality, television, radio, use of Team marks, Mascot and Player appearances as well business partnerships.

How can I match up my companies requirements to sport teams?

We can provide you complete demographic and budget information on all the sports and teams in our network.

We are a small company, how can we afford to advertise in sports?

Advertisers and sponsors don’t have to pay $4.5-million (the price of one 30 second Super Bowl Commercial) to enter or expand their sports marketing effort.  In fact, many sponsorships can be obtained for under $25,000.

Every company does not need to start with the largest event of the year, local market sports can provide a great place to start and build from there.

Are sponsorship programs complicated and time consuming?

We provide a single source to plan and buy advertising and plan sponsorships in sport venues, by providing:

  • A single source for sports DOOH marketing information.
  • A single source for proof of performance reports.
  • A single order and billing statement.

You will be allowed to pick the market(s), team(s), league(s) and date(s) you want, we keep it simple!

I will be happy to assist you and come up with a comprehensive plan to meet your company’s budget and goals.