Expertise through Experience

Logistics expertise through experienceI have been involved in Logistics for over 20 years and my logistics expertise ensures that I have a unique understanding and full appreciation of the complete logistics life cycle.

Gaining my truck drivers licence 3 months after my 21st birthday, I self-funded both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Commercial Law by successfully combining my full-time studies with, practically, full-time employment at nights, weekends, and holidays.

My experience – garnered in both Europe and Australasia – culminated in successfully founding, operating, and growing my own logistics company in Scotland.

Now, as a resident of Toronto, Canada, it is evident to me that the Logistical issues facing companies here in North America are far from unique and, indeed, quite universal.

These are:

  • the costs of doing business
  • attracting, training, and retaining talent
  • maintaining sharp customer focus
  • effective leadership by senior management

My experience guarantees that I have the bespoke solution tailored to suit you through tried and tested practices that can maximize your profits through effectively and efficiently streamlining your operations.

Let me help you STOP losing money NOW!

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