Make Your Brand As Beloved As A College Sports Team

Brands, big and small, are realizing the attractiveness of the largest, most affluent, best-educated fan base in sports.

These fans have a special, intense passion for their alma mater and favorite teams, which makes collegiate marketing so effective.

Previously national brands had few ways to market nationally with all-important local campus relationships.

The Digital Scoreboard Network has created a brand new platform (that’s available nationally, regionally or locally) that taps into the unique local tribalism of college sports.

Marketers have a new way to reach 172 million college sports fans.

And the NFL, NBA and MLB have a new competitor.

Now, when Fans continually look to the Digital Video Scoreboard to see player statistics, check the score, watch a replay, and view exciting features, vignettes, upcoming events and commercial spots.

You select the college team(s), league(s), and the date(s) you want; perfect for regional brands, product launches and seasonal promotions. All with one order, one invoice convenience!

College sports fans total 172 million, of which 29 million earn $100,000 or more annually.

Both figures are said to be the highest of any sports fan base. According to Simmons research, college sports fans are more likely to be college graduates, business professionals and business decision makers. Research also reveals college sports fans are “strongly aware of, embrace, and support sponsors of college sports.”

Also, we can help you find what’s unique about your product or service that you can turn into a message that allow you to tap into Fan’s passion.

Find the part of your brand experience that consumers might be passionate about, no matter how geeky it is, and try to engage fans in a relationship with your brand in the same way that the college teams are able to take fans with them on a longer journey.

We execute “Implied Sponsorship” advertising programs on digital displays/scoreboards and sports television networks. This is the ability to associate a brand to a sports team, event, or venue at a fraction of the cost of a traditional sponsorship.

What if you don’t have a commercial? Not a problem, using the Digital Video Scoreboard Network allows companies to sponsor popular features as well as run commercials.

Features such as sport scores, bloopers, kiss cam, replays, stat leaders, greatest plays etc.

These sponsorships will display your company logo while your brand receives recognition.

How can I request a media plan?

Simply email your RFP, or your objectives to me and I will be happy to assist you and come up with a comprehensive plan to meet your company’s budget and goals.