Here’s what the Huffington Post blog looks like at 6am this morning.

It’s traditional that new American Presidents visit Canada for their first trip abroad. It’s close. We speak the same language. You can be back in time for dinner.

Yesterday I posted comments from the Globe story on Air Canada. Reading comments is fun. Here’s some of the great insight from posters to this story:

What is with these headlines?

Sorry, but I really don’t consider Canada a “foreign” country per se. Yes, I know it is, but it kind of isn’t. It’s more an extension of states with their own government.

You gotta love Americans!

At least some of them understand us.

Canadians make better lovers.

Geez, we don’t make anything here in the states any more.

They certainly have a lot more beaver.

Fortunately, there are some Canadians around to get to the truly important issues.

I’ll bet you Obama stops in at a Tim Hortons for a coffee.
If you are lucky, he’ll bring you back one.
It’s the best.

Hey. Have a nice visit, eh!