Yesterday’s post on why owner operated businesses fail got some interesting responses. One was left as a comment to the blog – which I decided not to post – the others came via phone and email.

At least one response was positive.

Yesterday’s post was not a shot at owner operators. Why would I do that?

It was a warning.

Something to think about.

I do a lot of work with owner operators. Most of them running companies that are performing below expectations.

And do you know what I see? I see the same leadership issues EVERY COMPANY I go into.

The issues are SO similar, I start to question whether maybe the issue is me. Maybe I’m losing it – perhaps it’s my perspective that has simply shut down. I’ve stopped looking for creative or unique solutions; no longer capable of looking beyond a few well-trodden personal beliefs. Maybe that’s the case.

But here’s what drives me to keep exploring it. The businesses where the owner-operator has gotten it – taken some advice, learned how to manage, learned how to trust, stepped back…and changed to adapt to new realities….have all succeeded.

And those that haven’t are either just hanging around, or are out of business.