By Christiane Garcia. Christiane is an experienced consultant and health care leader.  She keeps abreast of new trends in business as a Board Director and Lead Judge at the annual John Molson International MBA Case Competition in Montreal.

When presented with a personal assessment opportunity, many of us respond in the same way as for a request for money: “No thank you I’ve already been assessed!”.  Since the end of WWII, we have been tested for intelligence, behavior, personality, problem solving ability and other innate traits and skills. These assessments typically classified and streamed us for career or educational paths. We made a series of subjective choices between two or more options. The results were compared and classified according to established population norms and we ended up in boxes. Once in a box we were in trouble trying to prove we could achieve beyond the limits of that box. It is little wonder that so many of us resist yet another opportunity to get boxed in.


Today, however, we have a new generation of tools. These are “point in time” assessments designed to assist you and your teams to develop awareness and gain clarity on how to leverage strengths and maximize potential. These assessments provide a frame of reference for self-improvement, developing leadership, mentoring and management.


One such proven assessment, known as the Hartman Value Profile, measures how you think, not how you think you think, using objective questions and mathematical analysis. It is scientific and surprisingly accurate. It helps you get out of the box, rather than put you into one. Stay tuned and don’t miss my next blog where I will share more insight into this universal scientific assessment!