PrimaryGreatnessEnabling YOUR Positive Change

While reading his latest book, Primary Greatness, by Stephen Covey, published posthumously, I realize that I am currently experiencing a tremendous wave of change, very much inspired by his 12 levers of success.

This article is in praise of Steven Covey’s life’s work, illustrated by my current personal journey of transformation.

My experience may help YOU better grapple with YOUR particular change in 2016.

I am evolving from the corporate world to a life of being active in my husband’s business while becoming a consultant in my own right.

This huge shift has changed my definition of success.

What is my new definition of success?

If you ask me right now, I will say that:

At the end of every day, I want to have:

  • learned a new technical skill (taught myself how to create a YouTube video)
  • written a blog article (this document!)
  • gone for early morning and evening walks with my husband, (when we strategize (am) and recap (pm) his business activities for that day)
  • built x number of units that his company produces
  • helped a family member in some way (grocery shopping with my mother-in-law)
  • given one of my sons advice (when asked)
  • embraced Podcast

By the end of 2016, I want to have:

  • successfully completed a contract as a consultant
  • helped my husband reach steady production of 10 * 2015’s count of monthly units
  • helped my elder son earn positive recognition at his job
  • helped my younger son achieve financial independence while completing his degree.

How am I changing my modus-operandi to achieve these goals?
I split each day in half. Mornings I do my best creative thinking, the hours of which are devoted to becoming the greatest consultant. Afternoons are committed to activities for my husband’s company.

Typical mornings (as Consultant, Operational Efficiency, with Boardroom Metrics), e.g:

  • read the newspaper, scan for ideas for daily tweets, blog themes
  • summarize a new business book for a blog article
  • create a fresh template to become a tool in my consultant’s kit
  • discover and try out a new feature in one of the social media platforms
  • brainstorm with others on the Boardroom Metrics team

Afternoons (help my husband’s business), e.g:

  • build/test units
  • work on marketing methodology
  • update documentation
  • handle orders, purchasing, vendor relations.

In between, e.g:

  • help a Gen-Y entrepreneur (I am gaining far more out of this reciprocal relationship than I could ever hope to give, THANK YOU Bonnie Chan)
  • support family and friends and affiliates
  • community service involvement.

What are my drivers?

I want to add value for others in the most efficient, environmentally responsible way. Their success becomes my success. I hope that my freely downloadable checklists will generate discussions to spark mutual success.

I trust that the access control units that I personally make and test will provide secure peace of mind to customers. The more stable my financial and spiritual state, the more my family and friends will prosper.

My husband and I strive to ultimately become philanthropists within our community, leaving the world a better place.

Over and above, my greatest motivator remains being a positive role model to my two sons. When they eventually look back, I want them to sincerely affirm how my loyalty, integrity and dedication inspired them to achieve their successes, mirroring how Stephen Covey’s 12 levers of success enable PRIMARY GREATNESS, the foundation for positive change.

Now, to download your checklist of 12 Levers of Success to achieve YOUR Personal Greatness, please email us any time: [email protected]


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