Road Map to Nowhere

Joanne Seeds – Making Sense of Numbers!

Road maps help us get from point A to point B.  With them, we can breakdown a trip into segments to help make reaching our destination manageable.

If we get lost, they help to put us back on track.   Process Mapping and documentation are a businesses road map to accomplishing objectives.  Many businesses believe their processes are documented.

What many find when they pull out their maps are that they are:

  • Out of date
  • No longer applicable to the current process
  • Several different versions
  • Instructions are not clear
  • Does not explain what to do when problems occur

Basically, their road maps go nowhere!

Maps have been a source of information since the beginning of time.  Where would we be if Columbus and other explorers drifted around the world and didn’t write down where they had travelled and what they found.  Over the centuries so much has changed, and maps have been replaced by the GPS.  Process Mapping and documentation are part of the GPS for businesses.

How successful would you be at reaching your destination if you had faulty information?  A GPS is only as good as the data in its memory and outdated information can be very hazardous.

What makes a good GPS?

  • Reliable
  • Up to date
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive
  • Accurate

What happens when it isn’t?

  • Go the wrong direction
  • Get lost
  • Waste gas
  • Waste time
  • Never reach destination
  • Frustration
  • Arrive late

These same issues happen in business.  Without proper documentation for procedures and processes a company is at risk of failure, inaccurate records, inconsistency, bad data, increased cost and waste.

Every company, large or small, can benefit from process mapping and documentation.  Whether you are in operations, marketing or accounting, good Process Management is important.