Scrolling fast through my Google Reader on the ‘How to be a Good Product Manager‘ Blog. Only reading the post titles. Smiling. There’s some good advice here.

  • Define the problem before solving it
  • Decide go / no-go before buy vs. build
  • Differentiate to avoid being a “me too”
  • Reinforce your product-related communication
  • Reconsider your Jack of All Trades strategy
  • Consider all details of add-on features
  • Lack of complaints does not equal success
  • Adapt your product management practice
  • Technology is not better if it does not add value
  • Choose your strategic alliances carefully
  • Take a cautious approach to problem-solving
  • Measure the impact of product changes
  • Deliver customer value, not product features
  • Stop gathering requirements
  • Delegate tactical responsibilities
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Plan for the present and likely future
  • Work effectively with sales

How many of these could be applied to upgrading your marketing/PM approach?