Now that you’ve built your Brand make sure you have a plan to protect it. Unfortunately the ability to steal your Brand identity and goodwill exists everywhere.  Activities aimed at diverting traffic to competitive business or exploiting your Brands awareness – all eroding your revenues.

Not so long ago, Brand building and protection was very easy to manage, things were simplified at a retail level, customer interactions were limited to brick and mortar stores, catalogues and toll free telephone lines. Brand messaging was easy to control and keep on target.

The value of a good Brand can be targeted – individuals will work quickly to profit from your Brand loyalty, these activities will undermine marketing and projected revenue.

Despite the hazards, the future is bright!  Listed below are a few strategies that can be implemented to ward off exploitation.

See the Big Picture – preventing and responding to a problem can’t begin until you have a clear understanding of how, why and where your Brand is at risk.

Stand by your Brand – Take the time required to monitor for Brand violations – don’t wait for trouble to happen, be proactive.

Defense = OffenseBe proactive in Brand prevention – if your Brand is on the move and evolving, violation will become more difficult.

Own it – A Brand with a single, global view will have a far better chance of avoiding violation. If your Brand is scattered, enforcement and protection will become very difficult.

Control your Channels – Know where you’ve placed your Brand at all times. Be aggressive concerning Brand guidelines, don’t fear enforcement.

Let the word out – Clamp down on false usage of your Brand – and do so publicly. Demonstrating your commitment to your Brand will send a very positive message to your employees, customers and shareholders.

Listen – Some of the most important messages will come from you customers, employees and shareholders – reach out and get the news

The sooner an organization has a functional Brand protection policy in place, a strong message is sent to the marketplace. Stakeholders will see this as valuable tool to ensure Brand and revenue protection.