Steve van Binsbergen is the CEO of Kubos Transformations Inc. . Steve is a guest blogger on Boardroom Metrics.

Over the past few years nearly every company has restructured and reduced the number of employees. But how many of those companies used the opportunity to refocus?

Typically, corporate activity swells over time via new initiatives that support well-meaning strategies and have valid business plans.  When times get tough, companies have an opportunity to eliminate spurious activity in order to refocus the company on a clearly defined vision.

Unfortunately, most companies default to eliminating positions proportionately throughout the organization, which weakens the organization and ultimately results in less people doing more work.

However, by aligning the organizational focus to  deliver against customer needs and by making difficult choices to eliminate non value-add activity, companies can emerge from restructuring more focused, productive and competitive.

The good news is that refocusing an organization is possible anytime, and as long as it is driven with commitment from the top, the evidence shows it has a big impact on results.