By Jim Crocker. Jim is the founder and CEO of Boardroom Metrics.

Just over 4 weeks ago, Bo Woloshyn took up the challenge of helping us use Twitter to expand the profile of Boardroom Metrics.

Since then, our Twitter following has grown from somewhere around 34 to over 1,600 followers.

Bo is an interesting inspiration for all of us. He’s not 22 – he’s over 60.

He is a true accomplished executive – having been the CEO of several organizations. What separates Bo from others in social media is his marketing expertise. Bo knows marketing. And promotion. And sponsorships.

When Anthony Robbins came to Canada several years ago, he was working for Bo – not the other way round.  Recently, Bo helped an ex-client executive – new to the shrimp farming business – find North American distribution for his product – in a few weeks – using Twitter.

However, the purpose of this post isn’t just to flatter Bo – it’s to promote our Boardroom Metrics Twitter content.

If you haven’t checked Bo’s tweets lately, maybe take a look. The content and links Bo provides relate directly to what many of us are experiencing, trying and learning – from the struggles of ex-CEO’s to find their next gig – to the challenge of teaching corporate executives social media.

Here’s the link to our Twitter feed. @boardroommtrcs. And Bo’s @BoKnowsMarktg.