“Implied Sponsorship” is one of the Hottest Trends in Sports Marketing for 2015.


With “Implied Sponsorship” approaches you can compete in advertising and sponsorship of sports for a fraction of the cost!

This is the ability to associate a brand to a sports team, event, or venue at a fraction of the cost of a traditional sponsorship. We execute “Implied Sponsorship” advertising programs on digital displays/scoreboards and sports television networks.

Fans continually look to the video scoreboard to see player statistics, check the score, watch a replay, and view exciting features, vignettes, upcoming events, promotions and … digital commercial spots.

You select the team(s), league(s), or mix sports venues and the dates, perfect for product launches and seasonal promotions.

What if you don’t have a commercial?

Not a problem, using the digital scoreboard or network allows companies to sponsor features as well as run commercials. Features such as sport scores, bloopers, “kiss cam”, replays, stat leaders, greatest plays etc. These sponsorships will display your company logo so your brand receives recognition.

Implied Sponsorship in sports can last one game, for a limited time or year-round and enables brand partners to shape, empower and develop long-lasting relationships with consumers.

A Fast-Food Chain ran a campaign to promote the brand as a non-exclusive Implied Sponsor in three sports MLB/MiLB Stadiums worth over $500,000. The program ran for 3-24 games in each park at a media cost of $51,398.  Over 4.9-million impressions were delivered at a CPM of $10.35. Pre-produced 30 second commercials were sent to each team along with PA scripts and logos for a “Home Run Leaders” feature. The teams ran these spots on the large formatted digital video scoreboards at least two times per game and were accompanied by PA announcements and LED screens, drawing the fan’s attention to the scoreboard. We negotiated to remove the season long commitment typically required.

A Television Network launched a sports campaign in baseball for a new TV show using Implied Sponsorship. The campaign included sixty minor league markets using a digital campaign for under $60,000. The regular cost would have been over $750,000.

Creating Implied Sponsorship at a discount, a well-known Dog Food Company ran a campaign in forty markets worth over $500,000. exclusively during “Bark in the Park” team promotions when patrons were allowed to bring their dogs into designated sections in the park. The sponsor received over 39- million brand impressions for $120,000 and left a long lasting impression on loyal sport fans and pet owners at a fraction of the cost.

An all-inclusive Luxury Resort in Mexico used the non-exclusive advertiser/Implied Sponsorship approach with the Tennis Channel coverage and TennisChannel.com of all four Grand Slam events (The Australian Open, The French Open/Roland Garros, Wimbledon and The U.S. Open) at a cost around $400,000. The campaign included :30 commercials, billboards, a “Star Match” feature, online pre-roll ads and travel sweepstakes with 50,000+ entrants data captured. The cost of traditional sponsorship of the four events would have been over $7.5-Million.

A spirits brand ran an Implied Sponsorship with broadcast, online and on-site elements at The FedEx Cup Playoffs for $100,000; (the series of four golf tournaments that determine the season champion on the U.S.-based PGA Tour.) Tournament sites included in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia.

The cost of traditional sponsorship of the four events would have been several million dollars.

How would you like to look like a Super Bowl Sponsor? You could buy a 30 second commercial for over $4 million, or you could use an Implied Sponsorship approach and buy other NFL assets like NFL.com and NFL mobile, and some other lesser known media for a week, spending only $100,000. Giving your brand, “The Implied Sponsorship Effect.”

Well-known brands sponsored the One Direction USA concert tour which ran in the millions of dollars; our client used the Implied Sponsorship approach with a cost under $200,000 and reached the fans with greater on-site activation. This demonstrates how Implied Sponsorship is effective with music tours.

If your target market enjoys music and/or sports, Implied Sponsorship could be the right advertising method for your Brand – and at the right price too!