So much for serious blogging. Not a hope. That’s the problem with a good summer!

Quick update on stuff.

Been spending Monday – Wednesday in Toronto then heading north to Muskoka for the weekend. Muskoka is Toronto cottage country. It’s beautiful. Too bad the season is 8 weeks.

This is a lifestyle I could get used to. About the time something really starts pissing you off, you’re sitting on a dock having a beer. Now if I could just get the helicopter to get me here…

It’s also been great spending time with the kids. Both are home from school for the summer. One’s working up here for the summer. She’s getting her first true business insights working for a golf course that’s part of a major, respected hotel chain….that seems to have very little idea what they’re doing. The hotel they were supposed to open many months ago won’t be open for another few months. Good things it’s a fractional ownership. Because after Labor Day weekend, Muskoka is pretty dead.

The other just got back from Australia. I had to laugh (…or cry) at a comment he made on the weekend: “I don’t think I like working”. There’s only one response I could think of…”how would you know?!”

Life has definitely changed for kids. Travel is big. Life-style is huge. I see the girls getting reality way more than the guys…and working way harder. It’s cool to see their determination and hard work pay off in terms of opportunity and perspective. And they’re doing way better as result.

However, I still see that guys are more street/how-low-is-the-bar smart…and that gives them a strong competitive advantage that frequently enables them to sneak in there, regardless of how hard the girls work. Women need to learn this skill.

Business-wise, I’m working with software companies, a software M&A firm…and a hospital. Every one of them a challenge and I learn something from every one of them too.

Over the years, I’ve become an indadvertent (unplanned) expert in partnerships. It’s just something I’ve worked with almost everywhere I go. I know in a previous post I committed to capturing some of my learning – I still plan to do that. Partnerships are very interesting beasts. Anyone working in a successful, stress-free partnership should consider themselves lucky. I don’t care how good you are, partnerships are not easy relationships.

Here’s a bizarre one. I’m also inadvertently becoming an expert in coaching determined, strong, female entrepreneurs and managers. Again, it’s just something that’s developed over time on many different projects. Bottom line. These women are better managers than most men I know. They’re great leaders. Solid with details. Masters of execution. No fear.

What they frequently lack is the inside track, networking and relationships that men lever the hell out of to get what they need. And not because these women couldn’t do that better than most men too if they wanted to. Unfortunately – and I have no idea how you change this – men are intimidated by successful women. So it’s easier to hang with the boys, ignore reality and keep the status quo.

My advice to these women: Get more like guys. Build your networks. Get to know the influencers. Learn to golf. And have options. Never be stymied. Have a plan and keep moving it forward.

Other stuff. Hmmm. Let me see….

I joined Facebook. Jim D Crocker. Have a few friends and still trying to figure what it does for me. More hits on Flickr?

Joined Plaxo. Jim Crocker. Even fewer friends. I haven’t tried. But what I notice is that Plaxo seems way more business friendly than Facebook. I see way more business connections on Plaxo than I do on Facebook. My goal in September is to spend more time trying to figure out where both fit from a business, marketing perspective. Interestingly, all of my kids friends have said they’ll add me as a friend. That could be interesting…and I guess it shows how they’re growing up and Facebook is changing.

I remain a major search marketing evangelist. Being there when someone is looking for what you have is just way more efficient than shot-gunning your marketing budget all over the place hoping you’ll be remembered when the time is right.

If you don’t believe me check out the power of GPS combined with local search on the new Blackberries (and I presume i-Phones). Find your location. Local search for pizza…or whatever. And…if you’re the closest pizza or whatever guy – you just got a new customer. It doesn’t get any more efficient.

Anyways, summer’s almost over. Hope it’s going well for you too. I’ll get back to this in September. Really!