The right person must always make “the ask”.  Whether to Venture Capitalists, financial institutions, corporate investors or individual donors, quite often the determinant for successful fund development comes from the direct involvement of the CEO themself.

In today’s world of fund raising, there is more competition than ever, and even greater donor fatigue.

The CEO now needs to recognize the significance for their leadership and greater “hands-on” approach to both raising new money and retaining existing funds.

Many leaders have a level of discomfort in making “the ask”, but now need to appreciate that their ability to directly contribute to fund raising for their organization is becoming a Board requirement, and thus a core performance competency a CEO needs.

Developing this proficiency, the CEO will, in turn, become the organization’s defacto Chief Fundraising Officer.

Please view my SlideShare presentation for further insight on the CEO as an Organization’s Chief Fundraising Officer: