J.A. Souza is a former Brazilian legislator and business executive. He is an expert on doing business in Brazil and a member of the Accomplished Executive team at Boardroom Metrics.



Recruiters, human resource managers, and executives, when hiring use advanced techniques to scan for the ideal candidate.  After interviews, tests, conversations, and presentations, the decision is taken for the best aspirant.   The choice is always made to the applicant that combines top profile and budget adequacy, with the job description. I have observed that nduring the hiring process an important aspect about the candidate is not always considered by recruiters. This facet is called the’ hidden resume’.  What is the hidden resume?  How can it be measured?  What are the pros and cons?

The hidden resume, or “occult curriculum”, are characteristics that a candidate can pass to the company; influencing team members, streamlining processes, adding value to the business. Those characteristics are unique and were acquired by the candidate during his entire life. It is a combination of values inherited, acquired experiences beyond professional activities, interactions with different groups, backgrounds and cultures.

The hidden resume cannot be measured. It is not listed by the candidate as professional experience. Recruiters need to infer what abilities, values, symbols, and relations the candidate can bring to the business. Companies are interested in candidates that can make things happen, enhancing the corporate culture; with responsibility, ethical behavior, and fine business approach.  All of these characteristics can be considered components of the hidden resume.

Companies have performance periods ranging from peaks to valleys and vice versa.  During good times, it is not a simple task to identify a valuable associate or an executive.  When the team is being successful, underperforming players cannot be recognized easily.  They are masked by the good ones.

On the other side – during hard times, the good workers and managers can be recognized effortlessly because they make the difference.  Companies surpass obstacles because they count on competent players to manage crisis.  At this point, players with valuable ‘hidden resumes’ are the ones going beyond complexities and truly leading the revitalization process.

CEO’s, Recruiters, Managers, and Executives – when dealing with candidates and talent, please take into consideration the hidden resume.

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