Saw the movie last night.

I wouldn’t call it a great movie, just disturbingly real – including one of those weak, what the f? endings that leaves you wondering: a) does this mean W a lousy center fielder and it’s a good thing he didn’t play baseball? b) he just lost the ball in the lights and that’s a metaphor for something way bigger, or c) why do I keep getting confused at endings like this?

The major themes of the movie, seem suprisingly close (in my mind) to what you might imagine they’d be, based on what we know:

  • W – major daddy complex, in WAY over his head, driven to be the ‘decider’
  • Dick Cheney – scary, dangerous, wrong and unrepentant
  • Iraq – it’s the oil baby
  • Iran – it’s oil and world domination baby
  • Carl Rove – everywhere, all the time, not his job
  • Colin Powell – smart, right, weak and in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Donald Rumsfeld – mildly nuts and barely relevant
  • George Tenet – he knew, but that wasn’t what this was about
  • George Bush senior – class act, cut from a different cloth, could fix everything for W. except the world
  • Barbara – Bush

Perhaps the only portrayal that surprised me was that of Condoleeza Rice – who (with apologies to my friends who know I’m obsessed with PH) reminded me of a black Paris Hilton – a sweetly hidden, intellectual suck-up (I know, you can’t believe I used PH and intellectual in the same sentence – you’re just missing it!).

Bottom line, skip the movie. You saw it all on TV.