~~To define what A Post Corporate Executive is:

It’s someone who has worked their way up in large corporations, ending up at the Executive Level as a Vice-President, Director, or Chief Executive title – you are Likely NEVER going back to work full time in another corporation or organization on a permanent basis.

A deeper examination of a Post Corporate Executive may see that:

–        We are likely beyond 45 or 50 years of age

–        You are used to being productive, making decisions, influencing teams

–        Over the years you moved up the corporate ladder, growing into more responsible positions

–        You likely Ended up in a nice corner Executive office

–        AND THEN…..something really big HAPPENED.

–        You Retired………. OR your company “RETIRED YOU”

It’s 2011.  NOW the question is…. what are we to do after corporate life?

You Still have that fire in your belly

You still want to keep on Learning

you want to remain productive!

And you want to Contribute and Get Paid for it.

Bottom line

You need earning options for this post corporate chapter in your life.

We can help with that.

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