As I go into different companies in different industries, I hear a number of different comments all of which are an attempt to define their internal and external problems and issues. Generally I’m asked to solve an immediate problem – I’ve often stated this is the wrong time to be looking deeply into your brand. Once I’ve heard management speak and describe the problem – again which will always revolve around – competitors, loss of marketplace share, loss of sales and revenue. Plus they’re looking for a quick and inexpensive ‘fix’ that will regain their place in the world, replenish sales and revitalize shareholders.

Often as I work within the company environment, a number of comments come forward from the general staff population – some good some not so good – however one of the comments I hear really starts to ring clear. “We don’t know who we are”, although this sounds simple, this can be the basis of a number of problems within the company – but most importantly within the brand structure. How can you promote your product or your brand if you don’t know who you are or how your products or brand support the company?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog – if you sell the experience, the brand will come along – if the vision of the company is scattered it will be difficult to shape a meaningful experience. Most organizations choose to redevelop their graphic brand/products/packaging/advertising first – it’s fun work – caution:  without understanding the core principles of the brand or your message this work will be wasted, money will be spent, no positive results will be forthcoming – revenues will continue to slide. For a brand to remain profitable it must evolve and remain somewhat fluid – it must understand it’s competitors and it’s marketplace – once these fall out of sync undoubtedly revenues will slide and the re-building will be arduous.