Win more RFP’s with a Proposal Critique

When we ask client’s “which business development initiative helped grow their business the most”? They frequently answer that it was “by winning an RFP contract”.

In our experience, Request for Proposals (called RFP’s) – are the greatest opportunity for any company to win a big juicy business contract in today’s competitive marketplace.


Do you have what it takes to win a Formal RFP Proposal?

One of the best RFP Services we offer clients is recommending a professional Assessment of your current and past Proposal Response packages. Although we call this RFP service the “Proposal Critique” it’s really all about the strengths and weaknesses of each Proposal Response.

Improving your RFP Response Package will increase your win-rate.

Our trained RFP specialists do not have to be experts in your business, that’s your role.  Our role is to share RFP best practices and guide your team to develop and submit high-quality proposals that stand out beyond the competition.

The output of a Proposal Critique (Assessment) provides your organization with a detailed summary that identifies opportunities for improvement. It will state exactly what needs to be focused on in each Section of the RFP Proposal Response.  This will enable each of your subject matter experts to focus on the right stuff – the Buyer’s needs!

A common situation we see in many organizations is that most people are not clear on what makes their company meaningfully better and differentiated from the competition. Saying that you are ‘responsive’ or ‘you care’ about the client isn’t strong enough.

However, demonstrating that you understand the Buyer’s needs and can solve problems quickly and effectively through a clearly defined communication process is a significantly more impactful response.

The Proposal Critique (Assessment) Report provides input, like:

  1. Develop an efficient process for preparing quality proposals, including having Templates to use, re-use and enhance as required
  2. Build a dynamic Proposal Library that can be consistently updated and accessed by your teams
  3. Always be open for improvement to your current Proposal package
  4. Ensure a de-brief is done after every RFP Submission on lessons learned, and what can be improved for next time.
  5. The RFP summary report can be easily referenced and used as an internal tool for your Business Development Team to continuously improve Proposal packages and future outcomes.

RFP issuers are telling bidders that they want to be “wowed” by RFP Responses. Does your RFP submission clearly differentiate your company from the competition? It better!