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Boardroom Metrics works with Boards of Directors across North America on Board and CEO Performance Evaluations.



This fillable CEO Performance Evaluation Template is a Fillable PDF form that Boards can implement immediately to evaluate their CEO. It contains eighteen survey questions that focus on specific performance areas and leadership skills of the CEO. These are the same questions we use when leading CEO performance evaluation surveys for our clients.

Price is $4.99 USD. Individual or multiple copies can be downloaded. The download link for this CEO Performance Evaluation Template can be shared with everyone doing the evaluation for 48 hours at no extra cost. Satisfaction guarantee. Full refund if not satisfied.

CEO Evaluation Template (Fillable)


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  • It is immediately usable. There is no time or effort required to edit the form or research CEO evaluation criteria.
  • Criteria for measuring the CEO are both performance and leadership skill-based.
  • Easy to follow instructions for completing the CEO evaluation and evaluating the results are included.
  • Full refund if not satisfied.

Adobe Acrobat is required to view and use this fillable CEO Performance Evaluation template. For those that don’t already have Acrobat installed, here is a link to the free version for download.

“Very good tool. CEO also found it helpful. Will use again.”

Purpose of the CEO Performance Evaluation Template

The CEO Evaluation is the primary and most formal process the Board has for measuring CEO performance. Regularly measuring performance is important because the Board delegates responsibility for day to day management of the business to the CEO.  From a governance point of view, the Board MUST take steps to ensure they know how well the CEO is carrying out their mandate.

Feedback from the CEO performance evaluation process is important to the CEO as well as the Board.  Through the evaluation process the CEO gains a clear understanding of the Board’s goals, receives  well-deserved and positive feedback on accomplishments,  and gets an opportunity to clarify the Board’s expectations around performance of the CEO role.

Here are the key goals of the CEO performance evaluation process:

  • Objectively measure CEO performance vs. the goals and expectations of the Board
  • Reinforce and strengthen as necessary the alignment between the CEO’s priorities and performance, and the mission, vision and goals of the organization
  • Define and establish the criteria, process and expectations for CEO growth and development opportunities
  • Build a stronger more productive relationship between the Board and the CEO
  • Fulfill a primary Board governance duty to ensure that organization is well lead and if not, to provide a legitimate basis for terminating the CEO

Using the Fillable CEO Performance Evaluation Template

  1. Use the CEO Performance Evaluation Template to collect performance feedback from the management team as well as the Board. Management team feedback is critical to the CEO Evaluation process.
  2. Ensure that all feedback collected from the CEO Performance Evaluation Template is kept confidential. Respondents who fear their feedback becoming public often provide incomplete or false feedback.
  3. Provide a reasonable amount of time for respondents to complete and return the CEO performance evaluation. Two days likely isn’t enough time. However, anything more than ten days is too long and often leads to respondents misplacing or forgetting to complete the CEO evaluation.
  4. Data collected from the CEO performance evaluation template should be summarized and prioritized for the Board and CEO. It is important to get the CEO’s perspective on the findings.
  5. The final output of a CEO evaluation should be a performance plan for the CEO that prioritizes improvement areas. The Board should manage and monitor this CEO performance plan throughout the year.

Custom Board and CEO Performance Evaluation Template Services

Expert assistance designing and implementing Board and CEO Evaluations customized for your organization (On-line and fillable form)

No two organizations are the same. Neither are their CEOs.

This CUSTOM BOARD AND CEO EVALUATION DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION SERVICE is designed for Boards who are implementing an evaluation on their own. Instead of using a standardized template, all of the evaluation survey questions can be tailored specifically for any organization. In addition, Boardroom Metrics eliminates additional Board effort and cost by implementing the evaluation process ON-LINE. All the Board needs to do is interpret the results.

For more information on the custom Board and CEO evaluation services email [email protected] or call 416-994-6552.

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