Boardroom Metrics provides executive dog-sitter and house-sitting services for executives and executive families in North America who travel for business and vacation.

How did Boardroom Metrics get into executive dog-sitter and house-sitting services?

Providing executive dog-sitter and house-sitting services fits closely with our other services:

  1. Placing caring dog and house sitters for business clients shares many similarities with the other work we do placing consultants and writers.
  2. We love pets, especially dogs.
  3. Beginning in 2015 we have run our business virtually while traveling North America providing house and dog sitting care for people who travel. We have an in-depth understanding of the pet and human needs that house and pet carers fulfill. We understand the greatest service we provide is giving you peace of mind that your dog or other pet(s) is being loved and cared for the same way you would.

Executive Dog-Sitter and House-Sitting Services

Primary services we provide include:

  • Living in your home or other location with your pet(s)
  • Maintaining plants, gardens, other on-going care to ensure your home is maintained while you are away
  • Loving and caring for your pet the way you would – including exercise, feeding, grooming, socialization, vet visits, other activities that are important to you and your pet

Secondary Services we provide include:

  • Transportation for you to and from the airport, other point of departure return
  • Transportation of your pet, vehicle to another location
  • Let us know.

Who Uses our Dog-Sitter and House Sitting Services?

  • Executive home and pet owners seeking peace of mind while they are traveling
  • Owners seeking comfort and stability for their pet while they are traveling

Benefits of Executive Dog-Sitter and House Sitting Services

  • No dislocation for your pets – they stay in the locations where they are comfortable
  • Loving and caring for your home and pet while you are gone
  • A skilled resource you can count on to assist with your home and pet while you are gone

How We Work

  • We work on a project basis as every pet and home sit is different
  • Once we understand your situation and needs, we will provide a quote for our services; key information we require includes:
    • Your location
    • # and type of pets
    • Care required
    • Duration of care required (we have a seven day minimum)
  • If you are interested in our services, we will arrange for you to meet your care-giver via Skype or other conference service
  • Arrival and departure depends on your location and your needs – generally it is important for the pets that our care-givers to arrive before you leave

More Information

For more information on Boardroom Metrics home and dog-sitting, pet-care service please email [email protected]om or call Karen at 416-994-6552.