Adeela Ahmad
Adeela AhmadRFP Proposal Writer
Industries: Healthcare, Environment, Government

Welcome to my world of words.

I have over a decade of experience writing for many different industries and audiences, in a variety of formats and styles.

I have also worked on proposals for fire safety, security, automation control systems, mechanical services and  IT Cloud based solutions ranging in value from $50,000 to $15 million.

Adeela’s Expertise

In the past year, I worked on 15+ responses for a Fortune 100 company, earning an impressive win-rate of 80%.

I possess an intimate understanding of crafting proposals that generate strong buy-in.

My experience shows that the best proposals are compliant, tailored, easy to read, and beautiful to look at.

Prior to writing proposals, I worked in communications and publishing (print and online) for legal and educational markets.

My passion for telling a compelling story is what differentiates me from other technical and proposal writers. I believe that proposal writing is both a science and an art, and that a good writer is a great storyteller.

 I obtained a degree in Creative Writing and English, acquiring the tools of my trade by studying the time-honoured masters of language and literature.

Perhaps more than with any other type of writing, when writing proposals I am attuned to the highest level of detail. Proposals are commonly disqualified over the tiniest infractions, so regardless of how eloquently it is written, a non-compliant proposal is a gargantuan waste of resources.

At the start of every project, I conduct a microscopic review of the RFP requirements and then develop a work-back plan to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of the finished product.

My specialty is in environmental sustainability and energy-efficient solutions for large public sector clients, such as public schools, universities, healthcare and government.

Adeela Ahmad is available for RFP and formal Proposal Response projects and interim writing assignments across North America.
Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]