Carmen Jeffery
Carmen JefferyExecutive Search, Recruitment
Industries: Technology, Telecom, Mfg, CPG, Mining

Executive Search, Recruitment

Carmen brings 22 years of Recruiting expertise to Boardroom Metrics. She consistently leverages her experience placing executives in full time, project and interim roles by identifying leaders and placing them into key positions and organizations that reflect their unique styles and capabilities.

Carmen has sourced talent for roles such as Deputy Minister, Commissioner, and Chief-level Executive, delivering professionals who have been specialists in areas such as health and community services, legal counsel, corrections, communications, human resources, municipal administration, finance, transportation, technology, and urban planning.

Carmen’s Expertise

Offering her know-how and keen eye for talent, Carmen has an excellent track record of identifying top talent from markets and work places defined by; emerging technology, communications, telecommunications, transportation, municipal operations, administration, retail, manufacturing, mining, banking, natural resource extraction and consumer packaged goods.

A Consummate Researcher, Carmen’s work is strongest when she is tasked to target candidates and organizations that come to her through careful examination.

Location and commensurate business accomplishments present specifics related to education, professional feats, specialized relationships, training and development that when matched with the right employer ensure immediate chemistry.

Carmen conducts her Executive sourcing by identifying and selecting potential profiles from pools of candidates who are already actively working within roles that specifically align to the corporate mandates they are successful in.

– Copy Writing for Job Descriptions and Job Postings

– Posting jobs on free and paid sites as well as social media outlets

– Resume Vetting

– Full Executive Evaluations

– Having fun while doing the work

– In-person interviews (pre and post COVID)

– In-person and Video Interviews and edits

– Interview rooms booked, beverages and meals served and catered.

– Candidate Screening inclusive of virtual interviews and scripts, job postings and job descriptions – creation and management of the entire employer branding experience.

– Coaching of Hiring Managers on best practices for sourcing, interviewing and hiring

– Posting Jobs and Managing Job Posting budgets and payments re credit card purchases and e-transfers

Clients love to work with Carmen because of her off beat sense of humour and true sense of real-life.

We asked Carmen to explain her approach:

“I recruit because I can – and because I do it well. I work with a sense of urgency and diplomacy – and my sixth sense of peoples’ character has been a testimony to my professional success for 20+ years. This includes helping hiring teams determine what skillset is essential for their future success and what they should be seeking in a top leader that is specific to the organization.”

  • BA – Human Relations & Social Organization – Western University, London Ontario
  • Associate degree, ACs – Fashion Merchandising and Marketing – Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, New York

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