Chrystine Langille - Alumni
Chrystine Langille - AlumniCoaching, Leadership, Mentoring
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Executive and Team Leadership Coaching

“I became an accomplished executive with Boardroom Metrics to support my existing consulting and coaching business. While working with BRM I was able to broaden my networking base, access new potential clients and leverage BRM’s extensive social media platforms and expertise. The principals and staff are capable, committed and caring people whose input and support I continue to value.”

Chrystine is an experienced and award-winning senior Executive, Leadership Consultant and Professional Leadership Coach, She partners with organizations to co-create and implement individual and team leadership development programs using a unique approach that integrates them with business strategy and achievement of bottom-line deliverables.

Simply put, she supports the organization in bringing out the best from teams and team leaders.

Clients describe Chrystine’s impact as: “significant, driven by strong business acumen, insight, a blend of empathy and forthrightness, and an infectious and inspirational approach’”….”her philosophy that strong leadership aligned to clear business strategy and goals reaps breakthrough results, has been proven true for us”.

Chrystine uses the framework and tools of high performance professional leadership coaching, change management, training, strategic critical thinking and multi-stakeholder facilitation in her work.

She brings a 30 year track record of breakthrough results to individuals and business partnerships.

Her experience includes executive marketing leadership at Procter & Gamble Inc and strategic business consulting to numerous ‘non-profit’ and ‘for-profit’ organizations in Food, Tourism, Hospitality, Alcohol Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods and Government.

Chrystine leverages her extensive experience to inspire.

She partners with Tier-1 organizations in designing and implementing breakthrough executive and team leadership coaching programs. Her Client base includes Bell Canada, Rogers, ADP, Ricoh, Hudson’s Bay Company, Canadian Standards Association and AIMIA.

Chrystine holds a B.Com, MBA, professional certification as a Leadership Coach and specialized training in coaching teams to maximize their effectiveness and bottom-line results.

Answering the following questions can quickly determine the areas where Chrystine can help:

• Are your key leaders and teams performing to their potential?
• Is your company flying high right now and working to maintain your momentum in a tough environment?
• Are you navigating through complex change to deliver aggressive business results?
• Do you detect a declining, reversing or stalled bottom line – but not sure exactly why?
• Are you struggling with experienced leaders and/or leadership teams working in silos, have ongoing conflict, or are generally stalled for some reason?
• Are key individual leaders and/or teams new to their roles, perhaps due to recent promotion, merger or acquisition, or change in the organization’s core direction and priorities?
• Do you do enough to motivate your star performers who want to stay on a high learning curve and fast track?
• Are you leading a newly formed team that needs to get out of the starting gate and deliver big results, quickly?
• Are you leading someone recently promoted to an executive role where asking questions, delegating and motivating is much more important to success than personal subject matter expertise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there could be an opportunity to explode your organization’s ongoing leadership impact and bottom line results to new breakthrough levels.

Chrystine would be delighted to explore the possibilities with you!
Chrystine Langille may be reached through Boardroom Metrics in Toronto/GTA: 905-709-4031.