Greg Bérubé - Alumni
Greg Bérubé - AlumniBranding Strategy
Industries: Design, Professional Services, Technology

Branding Strategy

“Give Boardroom Metrics credit. As a branding expert I was focused on selling my branding expertise. However, Karen and Jim recognized my brand could be much stronger by highlighting my creative agency operating experience. It’s why I’m now an alumni of Boardroom Metrics. That simple change in branding now has me fully engaged! Thank you Boardroom Metrics”

Greg Bérubé

Brand health and Brand growth are integral to a well-maintained and profitable organization.

My strengths are uncovering Brand discrepancies and developing meaningful messaging that will help generate revenue for your organization.

Greg’s Expertise

Are your Brands floundering in the marketplace? Do they seem out of place given the changing competitive environment?

I provide the expertise to review and organize all of your Brands – and keep them in the forefront of the consumer.

Consistent Brand Messaging is essential for proper presentation of your Brands – regardless of the medium.

I can help you find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), plus ensure it’s always properly communicated to your consumer.

Your Brand has grown, and you now have a number of products and services that seem similar but somewhat disjointed.

I can help connect all of your products and services to your Brand Messaging – paving a smooth pathway towards the future success of your Brand.

If your Brand has been involved in a disaster – its reputation and goodwill are now jeopardized.

Your next move will be very important, and recovery is possible.

I’m skilled at developing a Brand Story that will allow your Brand to navigate through the disaster, and maintain its positive image.

Brand strength comes from within any organization, and people must feel connected to the Brand before they accept and promote it.

I provide easy-to-implement tools and techniques to help organizations promote their Brand externally to Consumers.

A recognizable Brand Badge (Identity) is paramount to marketplace recognition – it provides the first entry point to your product.

I can develop the Brand Badge related to all media requirements.

Greg Bérubé is available for Branding projects and interim assignments across Canada and Internationally.
Please contact Boardroom Metrics in Toronto/GTA: 1.905.709.4031 Email: [email protected]