Jim Crocker
Jim CrockerChairman & Founder

Governance Consultant in Toronto

Jim Crocker is the Chair of Boardroom Metrics. Jim works with high-profile North American Boards of Directors, leading and executing their Board and CEO evaluations. Straightforward and experienced, Jim has established a significant Corporate Governance following based on his practical approach to Board role and execution.

Jim can be contacted in Toronto/GTA at 416-994-6552
or via email at [email protected]

Jim’s Expertise

I provide specialized training in two areas: 1) Role of the governance Board and 2) CEO and Board evaluations. My half and full day interactive sessions help Boards and CEO’s of public, private and not-for-profit organizations come to grips with their governance roles and how to evaluate themselves effectively. Participants are enthusiastic about the best practices they learn and their engagement with others. The tools and approaches they take away can be implemented immediately.

Facilitation is my favourite planning tool and favourite tool for helping Boards and senior management teams align around their business. What makes facilitation so great is that it breaks down silos, creates clarity, exposes possibilities and ensures accountability. Depending on the need, I can facilitate tactically – solve a specific problem in two hours – or strategically – take time to build insight, relationships, consensus, commitment and the future of a business.

I have years of leadership experience both as a senior leader myself and consulting to other senior leaders. At times it feels like I’ve seen it all! There are a number of CEO’s that I currently coach. Topics we cover include everything from social media to corporate governance; branding to organizational change. I also work with a number of post-corporate executives – senior leaders who have started their own consulting businesses.  Having founded and  run Boardroom Metrics for many years, there is lots I have learned about building a sustainable private business.

Do you suddenly wish you could connect with an expert or other business leader about an issue or opportunity? I’ve maintained strong relationships through my career and my network of leaders, experts and influencers is extensive. If I don’t know someone, the Boardroom Metrics team will, ensuring that the right connection for you is never far away.

Corporate Governance for Private Business – Hear Jim Speak

What is the role of a private Board of Directors? What should a private Board look like? How should it operate? Jim speaks to industry on trade groups seeking greater insight on the private company governance.