Kay Miller
Kay MillerChef and Menu Consultant
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Chef and Menu Consultant

Celebrate the rich cultural mosaic of culinary experience from South African born chef, Kay Miller. Now, based in Canada but rich with international technique and culinary flavor, Kay is a complementary contrast to our familiar cultural confines.

Expertise with Latin cuisine and South African food as well as Canadian taste buds, Kay offers clients an exotic, new and exciting flavor profile that is economically fruitful and relatively uncharted territory for your menu ideas, menu re-design or full menu development.

Kay’s Expertise

Your menu is the core of your restaurant, whether you are developing a new venue or revamping an existing one it is critical to your business, so make it stand out. Menu consulting is an effective way to keep overall staffing costs down while boasting a well-defined and exciting menu designed according to equipment layout, demographic and seating capacity.

Buying out your menu a-la-carte style gives you the results of an experienced Head chef without the added expense on payroll.

Menu consultation starts with discussing theory – what your restaurant’s intentions are and where you are currently. From there we will develop a definition of what your establishment is in need of and what service style and menu will go best with that.

We will look at your existing equipment – what can be produced as well as existing staffing abilities factoring in seating capacity and service speed.

We will also look at statistical information of food consumption in your area and will advocate you toward the menu items that work best towards your particular business style as well as your target demographic.

For all different types of operations from pubs to fine dining, casual diner fare to steak houses and anything in between success means a deep understanding of restaurant operations.

By outsourcing your menu to a seasoned expert, you draw on years of experience in the industry while increasing profit margins and winning customers.

Kay’s services are unique as she can address problems as well as areas of potential.

With real hands-on experience gained from 10+ years of bottom to top kitchen work, there are few messes that Kay has not seen – and even fewer that she cannot tidy up.

Dedication and innovation have geared the establishments Kay consults with to new heights. As a public cook and private chef, she understands the challenges faced by independent entrepreneurs and family-led food related businesses.

Kay is committed to understanding your needs and working within your budget. Together you will achieve a more authentic menu in relation to your surrounding community.

Results will be delicious and profitable.

Please contact Boardroom Metrics to receive a free consultation with Kay: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]