Rina Mancini - Alumni
Rina Mancini - AlumniOperations, Risk Management
Industries: Financial Services

Operations, Risk Management

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Credit Risk Management Consulting

I am a strategic leader with extensive experience in all aspects of Consumer Credit Risk in the financial services arena. My experience, acquired through a number of senior leadership roles, results in my being extremely adaptable and able to add value in a number of different roles in an organization. Additionally, I have developed effective coaching and mentoring skills through leadership of small to large teams.

Throughout the consumer credit life-cycle, all strategies created in the adjudication, portfolio management, and collections phases must be in alignment. The principles of credit risk management must be applied systemically throughout the entire customer credit life-cycle to build a comprehensive picture of customers and to be able to implement appropriate treatment strategies at every stage of the credit management process.

Consumer credit risk management is not just about adjudication policies applied at the onset, or portfolio management strategies applied for continued growth, or rigorous collection policies applied to delinquent customers. It is about ensuring that consumer credit risk management is an end-to-end process.

It is imperative that credit risk, marketing, accounts receivable management, and operations work towards common goals and objectives. This alignment will guarantee success for credit risk policies that are developed and implemented throughout the credit life-cycle.

I add value through my understanding of the importance of these philosophies, and my understanding of both technical credit risk principles and operational policies and procedures. I have a unique vantage point in that I have served in roles on both the client side and the vendor side, so that I understand the challenges specific to each. I am a “blue sky thinker” and strategist; however, I am also an implementer, able to see where the blue sky thinking may present implementation challenges.

As an illustration, here are some of the ways that I have helped organizations improve profitability and productivity:

  • Realized operational efficiencies through implementation of credit risk technologyresulting in $3.0 million in incremental service charge revenue and annual expense reductions of $400,000.
  • Researched, negotiated and implemented a new account adjudication and processing system, resulting in adjudication decisions through retail stores being rendered in less than 20 seconds (versus 2½ minutes previously).
  • Introduced new collections dialer technology which reduced delinquencies from 31.3% of beginning balance to 29.4% and increased recoveries from 15% of charge-offs to 18%.
  • Reduced fraud losses on newly-launched Mastercard from 1.2% of sales to industry standard .12%.
  • Managed net write-offs (including fraud losses)in a range of 12.0% below plan to 3.1% over plan.
  • Developed a business case to close one of three call centres, resulting in annual savings of approximately $800,000.
  • Increased Employee Engagement scores from 33% to 70% by creating new “Communications” function and various other initiatives intended to increase employee satisfaction

I have a B.A. in Business Administration from York University as well as an M.B.A from the University of Toronto, and I have served on a number of Boards of Directors.

  • Consumer Credit Risk Management
  • Credit Card Portfolio Management
  • Customer Service and Collections Call Center Operations
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Fraud Management
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Board Governance
  • Launching New Business Units
  • Mortgage and Consumer Lending
  • Integration and Restructuring
  • Business Development and Sales Management

Rina is available for short and long-term consulting assignments, as well as board governance work. Please contact Boardroom Metrics: at 905-709-4031.