Saheed Akinkuolie
Saheed AkinkuolieProposal and RFP Response Writer
Industries: Government, Professional Services, NFPs

Proposal and RFP Response Writer

With limited time and resources to spare, the proposal writing process can be a rigorous, costly, and time-consuming endeavour for businesses to undertake.

Tight RFP response deadlines and lengthy complicated RFPs further exacerbate the burden on the business. Fortunately, the RFP response process does not have to be a pain point.

With a seasoned and experienced RFP specialist on your side, what could otherwise be cumbersome, can become a rewarding business development strategy and revenue stream.

Saheed’s Expertise

As an RFP specialist, I bring 14 years of experience in proposal writing across multiple industries. I help make the RFP response process fluid –using all the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to produce compelling RFP responses that stand out.

Always a team player, I manage relationships effectively to maximize input from individual team members so that the process and final product are a high-quality collaborative effort.

Working with diverse teams, I have successfully produced winning proposals, generating millions of dollars for clients in return.

I develop a clear, feasible plan to meet RFP deadlines and requirements and leave a replicable system in place for the business to follow in future RFP response endeavors.

Resource constraints aside, most competent businesses are capable of responding to the technical requirements of an RFP. However, it is simply not enough to stand out from the competition and ultimately win the bid.

My approach goes beyond simply responding to RFP requirements and satisfying the associated evaluation criteria. It involves effectively communicating value and the benefits of the solution to the prospect’s unique demands. This is of critical importance and where my expertise is valuable.

Through a consultative approach and the use of proven tools, I help businesses articulate the unique value to the solution they offer and communicate the benefits of the solution clearly. I ensure that the value communicated resonates with the prospects implicit concerns and put together a well-written proposal that is entirely client-focused.

This approach, not only transforms a compliant RFP response to a compelling one, it sets the premise for a potential long-term synergistic relationship with the prospect, and opens doors to possible opportunities.

Saheed Akinkuolie is available for RFP and Proposal projects across North America. Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]