The sales funnel has moved on-line. We help clients interested in this opportunity by ensuring buyers can find them on-line anywhere throughout the purchase process.  

Three business reasons your organization needs to be highly visible in search engines.

  1. The sales funnel has moved on-line. At the beginning of the purchase process, buyers are searching on-line for solution options. In the middle they are searching for supplier options. At the end of the purchase process they are choosing their supplier. By the time a buyer has finished searching on-line and calls a supplier, most of their purchase decision has already been made. Suppliers who can’t be found on-line never get to participate in the purchase process and are losing out on sales.
  1. Closing qualified leads is way easier and much more profitable than chasing cold ones. When someone contacts you who has been searching on-line, they are A QUALIFIED LEAD. They are VERY interested in how YOUR solution meets their needs.
  1. Turning your website into a high performing sales funnel is simpler and cheaper than hiring and training your sales organization. In fact, with a bit of knowledge, you can do it yourself.

Most organizations assume that if they have a website, it is being found by potential buyers. That is wrong.

Here is some generic data for three companies we know. If someone is searching for what they do, the chances of them being found vary from ‘not likely’ to ‘perhaps’.  None of these companies realized how poorly they showed up in on-line search. As a result, they were being excluded from the on-line sales funnel that most buyers use.

Being found by buyers on-line is the key to building your sales funnel.

The key to being found on-line is thinking like a buyer on Google. What are customers and new buyers asking? Being the answer to their Google search is the key to strong search visibility. When you are the answer, Google will make sure you are found.

 Boardroom Metrics On-line Sales Funnel Building Service

Over 90% of the new business we get at Boardroom Metrics comes from through our website from search. We get calls from $ billion companies and money losing start-ups. Truth: we never know who is searching on-line and what help they will need.

Almost since Google was invented we have tried, failed, learned and honed our search optimization skills. We are still learning. However, the numbers show we are pretty good at it. So, we have started a service using our knowledge and success to help others. We see that many of the organizations we know are missing this easy opportunity and wasting dollars on marketing and sales strategies that will NEVER deliver the same results, especially for the price.

Our approach. We:

  1. Assess your on-line visibility and let you know how you’re doing. The pictures above are only part of the data available
  2. Work with you to identify what you need to be visible for on-line, ie, what is your business and what do you want to be found for?
  3. Help you customize every page on your website, every blog and every other piece of content (videos, white papers, etc) so that buyers can easily find your organization on-line
  4. Help you develop new content to further enhance your organization’s visibility on-line
  5. Track your on-line visibility progress using on-line assessment tools

Impact on Your Business

We guarantee your organization will become more visible to on-line searchers. Every organization, including ours can continuously improve. We won’t go as far as guaranteeing you more sales but if your results are anything like ours, you will want to brush up on your closing skills not your cold-calling skills.

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