The Boardroom Metrics Catalyst Podcast

The founders of Boardroom Metrics tap into their network of leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and friends for wide-ranging insights on business, corporate governance and strategy.

A Leaders Must Do List

Practical management advice. Doug Fisher shares more of his common sense approach to management advice. In this podcast Doug talks about the leadership to-do list he uses to help him focus on high leverage, ‘move the needle’ actions for building a business.

Here’s Doug’s blog www.boardroommetrics.com/blog/a-new-t….V03ydZMrJ-U

The Winds of Change. Management.

Interview with Gabriella Fermo. Gabriella, a change management consultant, assures Jim that organizations can change and describes some of the processes and pitfalls for making successful change happen.

PRICCKS Decision Making Filter

Should PRICCKS be making decisions? In this enlightening episode Doug Fisher takes Jim through his tried and tested filter for making solid business decisions. With a few laughs along the way. Doug’s blog on PRICCKs can be found here. www.boardroommetrics.com/blog/busines….Vxi7wJMrJp8

Sold on CRM

Jim digs into Customer Relationship Management software with an experienced leader, user and implementer, Doug Fisher. Could Doug live without CRM?

Selling U.

Sales relationship building. Jim reconnects with John Robb. This time the topic is relationship building in sales. From the trade show floor to a new friend on Facebook, this podcast looks at what it takes to get and stay in touch professionally.

Intro and exit music by Tonehook @tonehook

Round, Round, Turnaround

Business turnaround lessons. Jim speaks to Doug Fisher about business turnarounds and the lessons for business owners and everyday business.

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