The Boardroom Metrics Catalyst Podcast

The founders of Boardroom Metrics tap into their network of leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and friends for wide-ranging insights on business, corporate governance and strategy.

Evaluate your CEO!

Jim shares some insight he’s gained working with Boards on evaluating the CEO.

Monetizing The Internet Of Things

Jim chats with Flavio Gomes, founder and CEO of Logisense Corporation on the business implications of IoT and how Logisense helps companies measure and monetize this rapidly evolving space. Flavio also shares his thoughts on founding and leading his company. A talented musician, Flavio’s music is featured on the intro and exit to this podcast. It can be found on Soundcloud here @tonehook.

The Mojo Show

We all lose our mojo at times. Jim and Karen share some of their personal and business experiences around losing – and getting – our mojo back.

The Freelance Economy

Did you know that the freelancing economy in the US is worth more than a trillion dollars? Jim takes a read through a fascinating study that will be of interest to anyone working independently and those who support them.

A Global Career

Jim interviews a successful global executive and gets his perspective on how going global affected his career and what to consider if you’re thinking about working globally.

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