Corporate Strategy Consulting

Our consultants work with leaders and founders who need help organizing, implementing and executing their strategic growth plans

Corporate Strategy is the North Star for every activity that an organization undertakes. It provides the context and direction for investments of all kinds, ensuring that they are consistent with the goals of the organization’s stakeholders.

An effective corporate strategy defines how an organization will succeed by meeting customer needs and differentiating itself from competition.

Strategies at the functional level – marketing, sales and operations – define how the functions will successfully support the mission of the organization.

Organizations have turned to us for strategy consulting help in the following situations:

  • To reposition stagnating businesses
  • To turn around a failing businesses
  • To define the growth strategy for successful lifestyle businesses
  • To lead the senior management teams of merging organizations through the process of defining a combined mission, vision and corporate strategy
  • To launch new ideas and successful start-ups

Ken Steven leads the Boardroom Metrics Corporate Strategy practice.

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