ObjectiveManager® is made available through the exclusive Canadian agent, Korverge Inc., an advisory firm owned by Larry Stroud, one of our Boardroom Metrics’ Accomplished Executives.

A brand new way to improve performance and business development

Over 15 professional firms, 1000s of users . . . and growing!       


Designed for law firms but now used by accounting firms and other professional service providers, ObjectiveManager® is web-based software specifically created for the structure and realities of your profession. It works by helping you set clear objectives at every level and in every area of your firm, from individual development plans through department, practice area, sector and client service plans.

Why objectives?

Businesses with clear objectives perform better. Clear objectives pull people together to focus on common goals. But it only works if all plans are connected and coordinated.

Connect everything

With ObjectiveManager®, you can see how individual objectives connect to key client plans, practice area plans and firm-wide initiatives.

Client focus

ObjectiveManager® also helps you drive client relationships. Key client plans are distilled into a set of core objectives, showing the team what’s key to the relationship and how to deliver exceptional client service.


 Effective plans

At a glance, everyone can understand the firm’s plans and the role they can play in making those plans    a success. ObjectiveManager® makes business planning simple and effective.

Real-time information

With ObjectiveManager®, you’ll easily see what’s going on in the business and be able to connect with others about it. People can collaborate on common goals, creating a unified approach to business development.

No investment in software

You only pay per user.  There is no investment in software.  We also make it easy for you by setting up ObjectiveManager® with your details (e.g. identification of key client objective plans, sector plans and practice area plans, key performance indicators, the connectivity etc.) – basically when you login for the first time your professionals are ready to enter their objectives. We also provide a webinar to get your users going and an on-going help desk.

ObjectiveManager® drives productivity, improves personal performance and boosts business development.

What are ObjectiveManager® clients saying?

“Finding ways to improve business performance used to be a real challenge. Then we found ObjectiveManager.”

“. . . a new way to set and track objectives. The best thing about it? Everything’s transparent and all our goals are completely in line with our strategy.”
Managing Partner

“ObjectiveManager has become and will remain a fundamental business tool for us.”

“It allows us to align our objectives with our business plans and the firm wide strategy – immensely powerful, focusing all of us in the right direction and providing transparency and great teamwork.”
Managing Partner

“I keep track of what fellow partners and colleagues are doing in relation to their objectives.”

“I am finding that Objective Manager is an extremely useful tool. Not only can I keep track of what fellow partners and colleagues are doing in relation to their objectives, I can use this to keep track of what I am trying to achieve on a personal level with my own objectives in mind very easily.”
Client Service Partner

“I can draw from the experiences of others in order to try and deal with my own objectives.”

“In relation to strategic/national objectives, [ObjectiveManager] enables other people to monitor what I am doing and also gives me the opportunity to look at how others have achieved milestones and I can then draw from those experiences in order to try and deal with my own objectives.”
Client Service Partner

See how ObjectiveManager® can work for you.  For more information or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration in your office please send us an email and we will contact you immediately: [email protected] or by telephone in Canada, 1.416.994.6552.

Korverge Inc. is the exclusive Canada-wide agent for ObjectiveManager® in the professional services sector.

Objective Manager is a registered trademark of Fulbright Limited, registered in England No. 7747467