The Sales Team over achieved their quota targets by approximately 3% and can the sales team achieve more? With a $1.0 M difference between the averages of the Stars compared to the passengers performers, is there a way to identify what your sales stars share in common?


Conduct a Sales Position Success Profile Analysis to identify precisely what these Stars share in common and why the stars are always dramatically different from Solid and Passengers performers. This approach identifies exactly what combination of mental abilities, personality and motivational interests make your Stars particularly successful in their roles.


The first step is to identify a select number of Star performers based upon quantitative data. These participants will complete their assessment that measures their specific mental abilities, personality and motivational interests. Once the Star performers have completed their assessment, their results are analyzed using a software concurrent analysis technique. This success profile is created from the sales team’s top performance and an analysis of the functional requirements of the sales job.

The second step is to use the subsequent success profile (see above – graph of 14 scales and the top 3 motivational interests) to determine how well a number of passengers match to the success profile. The Passengers complete their assessment and their results were compared to the top performers (chart to right). The results demonstrate the passengers do not have the same characteristics and their sales results are well below those of the Star performers.

Through the process, the Sales Executive will see and learn what the differences are between their Star performers and Passenger performers in terms of their characteristics and sales outcomes. The Sales Executive is now able to be laser focused on how to specifically coach and manager each sales person. Using the success model comparison report, the Sales Executive can learn how to coach their sales person what they need to focus on so they can perform and achieve sales results like their Star performer.

When hiring new sales people, the sale executive will only hire those who share the Success Model Comparison same attributes as the proven Star performer. Using the information from the Success model comparison report, the sales executive will be able to create an action oriented onboarding plan to get maximum productivity sooner. The onboarding coaching will reduce the time to for their new hires to become productive that on average is about 7-12 months.

If you are interested in a complementary analysis of your specific team’s sales performance and a precise quantification of your potential sales increase, please contact [email protected].