We know lots of executives who have decided to leave the corporate world for an opportunity to share their experience in other ways.  Many find that consulting is an ideal option.

Setting up a consulting business is relatively straightforward. However, there are some elements of getting set up that can be challenging.

From branding to business development, legal to accounting, report writing to presentation formatting, setting up a new consulting business at times requires knowledge, expertise, and relationships that many  post-corporate executives do not initially possess – or necessarily have the time or desire to learn.

Boardroom Metrics Consulting Quick Start Program’s goal is to offer one-stop-shopping for your business  requirements by assembling  the processes, templates, products, and services necessary to get your new post-corporate consulting business up and running almost instantly:

  • Company, product, and services branding
  • On-line presence – websites, blogging, and other social media
  • Marketing services – lead generation, newsletters, marketing communications, marketing programs, and writing services
  • Self-assessment tools and processes
  • Mentoring, coaching and training
  • Business templates
  • Networking opportunities and events
  • Special rates from partners on a wide range of products and services

For more information on Boardroom Metrics Consulting Quick Start Program, please call us at 1-416-994-6552 or email us at [email protected]