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Executive Branding Social Media Program

Social media has significantly increased the impact and visibility of executive branding.

The Executive Branding, Social Media program is for executives who are seeking:

  • to take control of their on-line brand
  • to improve their on-line credibility
  • to get found on-line for their skills and expertise
  • to broaden their on-line networks
  • to create additional opportunities based on their on-line presence

Every executive has an on-line brand already. Some like LinkedIn are intentional. Others are simply a result of our role and visibility. At Boardroom Metrics we believe it is much better to stay in control of the executive brand than to just let it happen.

Approach to Social Media Executive Branding

Our approach is a combination of learning, doing and coaching.

We use our own highly developed social media platform to help executives get comfortable marketing themselves on social media, learning to use the tools, and broadcasting their message out to a wide, deep, business audience. Here are the elements of the program:

  • Define or refresh your personal brand
    We help you define the skills, expertise and experience that helps you stand out. Working together, we answer the question: who’s the buyer of your services and what can you do for them?
    Additional details on the Executive Personal Branding Program are available here.
  • Perfect your LinkedIn profile
    There are two reasons for starting with LinkedIn.
    First, most executives have some experience with LinkedIn. Of all the platforms, it’s one of the most comfortable place to start. Second, your profile on LinkedIn is extremely visible. If you only marketed yourself on one platform, LinkedIn would be the one.We help you take advantage of all of LinkedIn’s personal branding features so that your profile is professional, complete, easy to find and ensures that you stand out. The majority of LinkedIn profiles do not take advantage of the branding features available.
  • Learn to blog
    Social media branding depends on developing content that highlights your unique expertise and point of view. It is a critical element of getting noticed and standing out on-line.Although there are many forms of on-line content, we start with blogging because it is the best way to develop a unique perspective. For some, blogging is a real challenge. However, that’s why it is so effective. Learning how to blog means learning how to think and get comfortable on-line. We will provide the tools and the coaching to make your initial blogging experience as painless as possible. Working together, we will help you produce and post content that is interesting, helpful, and attractive to a large audience. For those that enjoy it and are good at it, we can provide an on-going platform for you to continue blogging once the program is complete.
  • Learn to podcast
    Podcasting is like radio. It provides a way to talk about your unique knowledge and expertise in interesting and fun ways. It has become very popular – and is a skill that will set you apart from most other executives.We will teach you how to plan and prepare for a podcast. Then, you will be invited to participate on podcasts that are recorded, edited and posted on iTunes. It is a unique experience that we guarantee will open your eyes about who you are and how you speak. If you enjoy it, you will have everything you need to start your own iTunes podcast.
  • Learn Twitter
    Once you have content, Twitter is one of the key tools for letting people know about it.  Learning to use Twitter will help you build an audience for your content and your brand.First, you will learn how to listen on Twitter. Listening is a key tool for understanding the latest developments in your industry. Then, you will learn how to broadcast tweets, build lists and grow an audience. We will help you get your first 1,000 followers so that you understand what’s required and give you an audience to build on. Although other platforms differ from Twitter, the skills used to succeed on Twitter are readily transferable.

Each of these elements can be provided separately or as part of an overall branding package. Executives enrolled in the program have full access to the Boardroom Metrics social media platform including our LinkedIn, website, blogs, Twitter (70,000 followers) and Boardroom Metrics Catalyst Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

How Can We Help?

Request a consultation to find out more about our programs or call us at 416-994-6552

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