The internet is a ready source of business opportunities. No one is employed or engaged by new clients today without their on-line presence being scrutinized. This program includes:

  • Creating and hosting your own integrated personal or business web site, personal blog, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile
  • Training and coaching on effectively managing your own social media program, or
  • Boardroom Metrics can manage your program for you
  • Search engine optimization to help ensure you are easy to find in internet searches

If you would like to learn more about the Boardroom Metrics Executive Social Media program please fill out the information form (right hand side of this page) and we will contact you with more information.

“When I was a busy CEO I didn’t pay any attention to my on-line presence. Then, one day I was fired. Getting fired was all you could find about me on the web. I realized then I needed to take more control of my brand.” A happy Boardroom Metrics executive client.