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Corporate Governance Planning, Evaluation and Education Tools

Boardroom Metrics provides corporate governance consultant products and services to organizations in Toronto and across North America.

Our corporate governance consultant products and services include:

  • Fillable CEO performance evaluation and CEO succession templates
  • Fillable Board evaluation and Board Succession templates
  • New Director on-boarding and governance education workbooks
  • Industry specific governance e-books


For Boards of Directors interested in understanding how well the CEO is performing.

Read about our CEO Evaluation Process Consulting here.

Audited CEO Performance Evaluation Template elements and recommendations include:

  • CEO role elements including leadership, planning and annual goal achievement
  • Relationship with the Board
  • Leadership team perspectives
  • Strengths and CEO performance improvement opportunities
  • CEO performance management planning and execution

Fillable CEO Evaluation Template Cover


We provide Board evaluation services to public, private and not-for-profit organizations across North America. Read about our Board Evaluation Process Consulting here.

Audited Board Evaluation Template elements and recommendations include:

  • Board’s understanding of its role
  • Board’s understanding of primary governance elements including risk, strategy and performance of the CEO
  • Board structure, including # of Directors; terms; committees
  • Board operations effectiveness including:
    • composition
    • information
    • processes like Board meetings and evaluations
    • leadership of the Board and Committee Chairs
    • culture including relationship with the CEO

Fillable Board Evaluation Template Cover



CEO succession planning is a proactive process for identifying, recruiting, and developing future CEOs. Organizations who begin the process too late – ie, after the current CEO leaves – subject the organization to unwarranted turmoil and risk. The key for Boards is to assign responsibility, formalize the succession planning process and monitor status regularly. This CEO Succession Planning Template is a useful tool all Boards can use to plan and execute their succession process.

Benefits of using this fillable CEO Succession Planning template include:

  • formalize the process for CEO succession planning
  • a strategic tool the Board can use to capture input and decisions on CEO requirements and succession planning steps
  • a Board operating process tool for regularly monitoring progress

Fillable CEO Succession Planning Template Cover


Meet Jim Crocker

Chair of Boardroom Metrics

Jim consults and speaks on corporate governance and strategy. A veteran CEO, Director and Consultant, Jim works with Boards and Leadership Teams, helping them identify and address opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of their corporate governance and strategy. He speaks regularly to industry and trade associations on the lessons and benefits of strong private corporate governance and strategy, and best practices for achieving both.

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