Boardroom Metrics Accomplished Executives™ provides a unique platform for organizations and corporate achievers to connect.

For organizations, tapping a respected industry achiever can be an extremely rewarding investment.  Knowledgeable, respected and proven, Accomplished Executives know their industries and how to make things happen. Motivated and passionate, they are also flexible – open to work arrangements that are less structured than other employees or knowledge providers.

Accomplished Executives are selected based on their accomplishments, attitudes and contributions. They share their knowledge and expertise with clients in various unique ways:

  • Interim Management – For clients with a senior role to fill quickly – either after the sudden departure of a high level executive or in response to an immediate priority.
  • Consulting and Advisory Services – For clients seeking industry know-how or specific expertise.
  • Executive Coaching – For clients seeking personal skill building in order to achieve a specific performance goal.
  • Executive Mentoring – For clients seeking personal exposure to the experience and knowledge of an accomplished achiever in order to achieve greater fulfillment and overall career success.
  • Blogging, social media, public speaking and presentations. For anyone seeking regular advice on a particular industry or expertise.