Resolution by Conversation, Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation

If you are in Conflict – it’s REALLY difficult to think clearly.  And generally, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to envisage a solution – a path to a better place. But there is a way to resolve these difficult issues with the aid of an objective third party.

Business conflicts distract those involved, negatively impacting productivity, relationships and day to day life – both personally and professionally.

Business mediation guides you through these challenges quickly, with impactful results.

You may not feel that there is a way to fix your dispute or conflict situation.  But there is.

Our Business Mediation and Conflict Resolution expert, Michael Marmur begins by gathering relevant background information on the situation and then has a private, confidential conversation with each individual involved.

Michael is patient and objective; he brings rational thinking and logic to individual perspectives.  He allows each person to be heard, gains trust quickly and makes it safe for people to open up on roadblock issues.

Change begins to happen almost immediately. The process becomes part of the solution.

All business conflicts are human-based.  Understanding individual uniqueness while building consensus, Michael clearly helps each party “see” how their own decisions impact in a conflict – and on a resolution.

Michael ‘takes on your issue’ and works hand-in-hand with each of the key participants to find a swift resolution, right now, right here, in this place and time – which then becomes the catalyst enabling individuals, teams and businesses to effectively move forward.

Business conflict resolution services are provided at a fixed fee based on the number of people primarily involved in the dispute or conflict.  This approach eliminates any concerns or distraction around ‘is the meter running?’.

Generally the business mediation and conflict resolution process takes only a few days.

With over a decade of proven results in conflict resolution, working in the most complex and difficult of business situations, Michael has a truly unique expertise.

Is there a conflict in your organization, do you have a family-owned business problem or a partner dispute?

Michael can help.

Please contact Michael Marmur’s Representing Agency, Boardroom Metrics at 905-709-4031.